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Chase Residents Association was founded in 1984 by community minded residents of Capri Road, Highbarrow Road, Addiscombe Avenue, Sundridge Road & Everton Road.


Since that time further roads have decided to join and the Association now additionally represents Grant Road, Inglis Road, Dalmally Road (SW end), Nicholson Road, and Windermere Road. 

MapIf you would like us to represent your road and you have someone who is willing to be your representative, please contact our 


As with all Residents Associations, we exist to ensure that the voices of local residents are heard regarding all matters concerning our neighbourhood. 

We aim to ensure that our local area remains a pleasant, enjoyable and safe place to live and where necessary, suggest and pressure the relevant people for improvements to be implemented.


We also aim to provide residents with a forum where they can air their views and opinions regarding local matters. One of the purposes of this website is an extension of this resource.

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